The GroundSwell soundtrack is available via 5ohm Records.

Track Listing:

I. Our Share Of The Night To Bear
II. At Once Lost, All But With A Memory
III. All Of My Days Have Been A Dream
IV. The Life Of My Fight
V. Sweet Poison Spreads Along The Listener’s Veins
VI. Within The Serenity Of Hope’s Last Stand
VII. As With Oil For Our Blood
VIII. Heroes For Ghosts
IX. Once Like A Spark
X. Lost In The Days Gone By
XI. The Space Between Us
XII. Riveted To The Secret Of Birds
XIII. The Stars Know Everything
XIV. Allah Yisallimik

Recording details:

Recorded and mastered at Sound Ranch Studios, Bellevue, WA 2014, and at Sound Cap Audio, Sacramento, CA 2015

Piano and keyboards, programming: John Johnson
Additional keyboards, programming: Rafeas Kamen
Guitar: Thomas Ciginus
Acoustic Guitar: Nat Wethers
Bass: Cleo Pope Matheny
Drums: Ali Morten
Vocals: Sean Lamar, Angel Lee, Elana Lyle-Torr