Artist: The Jazz Subversives
Genre: Experimental/Jazz
Years Active: 10 years
Time on 5ohm: 3 years
Location: Various: Seattle, Los Angeles, Czech Republic
Members: Rafeas Kamen, Nat Wethers, John Johnson, Cleo Pope Matheney, Thomas Ciginus, Ali Morten, Sean LaMar, Angel Lee, Elana Lyle-Torr


The Jazz Subversives is an avant-garde jazz, rock and hip-hop project started by John Johnson and Rafeâs Kamen. The experimental project has featured several prominent musicians from around the world, including saxophonist Steve Lishman, trombonist Dyne Eifertsen, drummer Dave Del Zotto, rap artists Bloodshot and Sean Lamarr, and vocalists Angel Lee, Elena Lyle-Tor and Srivani Jade.

The Subversives first released Insomniak in 2010, and later followed up with Groundswell. The latter recording was one of 5ohm’s first offerings as a label. 5ohm also released the Groundswell RMX a few months later.

Pianist and electronic musician Rafeâs Kamen signed a solo deal with 5ohm from his work on Insomniak, which is to be release sometime in 2019.