Herbie Hancock To Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards

January 14, 2016Uncategorized

Congratulations RUN-DMC, Earth, Wind and Fire, and especially Herbie Hancock for the Lifetime Achievement Award. We all know Herbs in amongst our favorites amongst favorites. True pioneers, all. Herbie Hancock, Earth, Wind & Fire + Run DMC To Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards

Joey Alexander – “Lush Life”

January 7, 2016Uncategorized

We can’t seem to stop gushing over this little fella. He has a very mature perspective on jazz, both in phrasing and voicing that we’ve only heard from professionals years into their careers. Undoubtedly going to be a true talent moving forward. Only 12 years old!

DIGGIT: ELAENIA – Floating Points

November 20, 2015Uncategorized

This is a great work listening record. I’m hesitant to call it jazz, but it probably would have been labeled as such in 1976. It’s a decent jazzy electronic music experience. I think I’ll stick with that.

DIGGIT: Søren Bebe

November 11, 2015Uncategorized

Diggin hard on this Søren Bebe record with Marc Johnson and Danish drummer Anders Mogensen. All three are incredible here. I realized after downloading this how much I’m loving this swing (no pun) Europeans are taking at modern American jazz. It’s crisp and exact, a lot different than what I’m used to. I’m always going … Read More

GroundSwell:REMIX to be released

October 1, 2015Uncategorized

GroundSwell:Remix will most likely hit 5ohm and iTunes in early October. You can check out the pre-release soundcloud by clicking here. The record features 8 tracks that clock in just under an hour. The record was originally designed as the background music for the first art viewing on Sept 26th. It was later developed into … Read More

Jazz Subversives : GroundSwell hits iTunes

September 30, 2015Uncategorized

Jazz Subversives’ GroundSwell released yesterday on iTunes. The 14 track post-rock collection for the art presentation of the same name can be downloaded for just $9.99. Be looking for GroundSwell:REMIX coming out in a few weeks!

*** NEW MUSIC: The Jazz Subversives : GroundSwell ***

September 22, 2015Uncategorized

5ohm Records in association with 12VoltArts and Sound Ranch Recordings is pleased to announce The Jazz Subversives’ GroundSwell. The recording marks the first official product by the newly minted Seattle record label 5ohm. GroundSwell is a soundtrack to the 14 art pieces of the same name produced by painter Micah Crandall-Bear and photographer John Johnson. … Read More

NEW 5ohm website! Let us know what you think!

September 22, 2015Uncategorized

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (actual birthday) to us. Today is day 1, officially born. After years of experimentation and research, we finally have a record label and website. As with anything new, there are probably bugs and inconsistencies you’ll notice over time. Please make a note and send it to us at 5ohmbugs@ttjasi1.mm.st. On our birthday–it just … Read More