A younger but not wiser me.

Our old about page when located in Seattle, WA

It all pretty much started with my Dad and his trumpet.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, my dad would awaken us with his playing; He usually jammed along to jazz records on the hi-fi. Mom would be cleaning, and there’d be my dad, ripping a solo over an already perfectly imperfect Miles Davis solo, and sometimes matching it note for note. From that my favorite record was born— Miles Davis : Blue Haze. Songs such as Four and When The Lights Are Low are classic favorites in my book; I not only listen to them from time to time, but also play piano versions of them during gigs.

My dad’s copy of Blue Haze was purchased about the time it came out, around 1956. It had an old look and feel to it. It was already over 20 years old. I was greatly impressed by it, and by extension other records which I collected over my musical career. Records - actual vinyl records - have a certain allure to them: The warmth of their tone, the large art format, the way they feel in your hands… it all adds to it. They haven’t created anything digital that sounds as good as a record.

Of course that greatly influenced my future in music. I listened to everything that came my way: Jazz, 80’s synth pop, heavy metal…and recently a new love… country music. That might be an age thing.

Years later I would produce my own records, even some on vinyl, and found that I loved the process. It turned into this little label.

The number one question I get is… why is it called 5ohm? The real reason is that it’s in partnership with my video company 12VoltArts, which I formed 18 years ago. Just seemed to fit together nicely. Having a video marketing firm, a music production facility and even an art gallery brought me here. I really like working with artists and bringing their vision into my vision to make a collaborative product.

It started in Seattle, so there might be some remnants of Seattle in here, but I’m actually from Sacramento, CA. After I relocated here a year ago, I decided to move my business interests down here, as well.

I’m planning big things, and I hope you’ll be along for the ride. This site may change as the industry changes, but one thing will remain constant: The interest and pleasure of creating consistently great products.

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Until then, I’ll see you at the hi-fi.

John Johnson
5ohm Records