Black powder in new packaging from NIN

March 2, 2017Design, Inspiration, Pretty Wild

From the Pretty Wild Bin: Nine Inch Nails is apparently release an EP late last year, and sent their followers a graphic page that contained an envelope with a black dust. On the package were warnings: “This will make a mess.” I’ve always said that Trent Reznor is a bit of a genius.

New Music — AnonVeda / BIRCH : “Bold, Fearless and Free”

January 24, 2017New Recording

Some new music developed for BIRCH, a life inspiration and yoga brand out of California. This music is used for the videos featuring the inspirational Stephanie Birch. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Matt Geraghty and Trade Winds project

May 23, 2016Uncategorized

Trade Winds is a series of music collaborations created by NYC bassist Matt Geraghty and Brazilian saxophonist Ze Luis.  They spent 21 days in Cuba with different musicians each day,  travel along the historic triangle trade route, exploring the history and evolution of music through improvised compositions. For futher details, please check out    

“A Time And Place” – A GroundSwell Outtake

April 1, 2016Uncategorized

Here is one of the first tracks recorded for GroundSwell that didn’t make it onto the record. GroundSwell actually had a whole other release that was scrapped in favor of the record that was released. Composer J. William Johnson thought the original sounded “too jazzy.” Did you know that the final record was influenced by post rock … Read More

John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z

March 20, 2016Inspiration

Ever wonder what John Lennon’s piano looked like? This is the piano he used to compose “Imagine” and a lot of his other earlier work post-Beatles. It was bought in by George Michael when the owner put it up for Auction in 2000. He paid around $2 million for it. It had been in the Beatle’s Museum … Read More