John Johnson : Songs For My Father


5ohm Records presents: John Johnson : Songs For My Father (2008)

Featuring: Tony Grasso(t), Brian Kent(s), John Johnson(b)(p), Brian Kirk(d)

Written and produced by JW Johnson for 5ohm Records

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Sound Ranch, Bellevue WA

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, 5ohm, Napster and CDBaby

  1. 7.28 Buy This Track 8:18
  2. Jimmy At The Pinnacles Buy This Track 5:54
  3. Joan Of Geneva Buy This Track 7:45
  4. Sticky Buy This Track 7:41
  5. Onalita Buy This Track 8:39
  6. Little Bones Buy This Track 8:22
  7. Lish Buy This Track 5:03
  8. Landrover Buy This Track 7:26
  9. Mr. A Buy This Track 5:18
  10. Golden Gate Squirrel Blues Buy This Track 6:56


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